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Top King "Pro" Shin Pads Exposed

Posted on February 09 2016

Top King "Pro" Shin Pads Exposed
Our shin pads are handmade and incorporate a hook-and-loop closure system with a neoprene instep join for flexibility. They have changed very little in terms of construction from when we first began manufacture back in 2008. The only noticeable difference we did make to them was a few years ago with respect to the neoprene instep join. We added more padding to increase the practitioner’s protection when using the pads, as we had feedback that this area of the pads needed improving.

Currently we have the “pro”, “superstar” and “empower” models of the shin pads. The “pro” and “superstar” models incorporate a raised padded ridge down the front of the shin pad and the foot protector. To be honest they are exactly the same in terms of construction. The only difference is that the “pro” version comes in plain colours and the “superstar” version sports our signature superstar pattern.

The “empower” shin pads are a little different to the “pro” and “superstar” with respect to the padding. The “empower” shin pads doesn’t incorporate the raised shin and foot ridge instead it incorporates the padding into the actual pattern on the shin pads. Whilst the padding of the raised parts of the shin pads is less than the “pro” and “superstar” models it doesn’t decrease  the practitioners protection, because we have positioned the padding in such a manner to compensate.